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The San Teodoro Marine Protected Area affects the coast of north-eastern Sardinia, from Capo Ceraso to Cala Finocchio, and includes the islands of Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto. Approximately 15,000 hectares of sea subjected to protection for the naturalistic value of the marine and island environments and for the level of conservation of the Posidonia oceanica meadows, the polychrome sponges and the fish fauna.

Identified as a protected marine area with the Law n. 979 of December 31, 1982, was established in 1997, with Ministerial Decree of December 12, 1997, subsequently modified with Ministerial Decree of November 28, 2001.

The decree contains the perimeter of the three zones A-B-C (see cartography), with different levels of protection.

Management has been entrusted since 01.01.2004 to a consortium established between the municipalities of Olbia, Loiri, Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. Information posters and directional signs are positioned throughout the area of the MPA. Zone A of the Marine Protected Area is delimited by maritime signals (yellow buoys at sea and yellow target marks on land).

Since 2011, the Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo MPA coincides with the SCI ITB 010010 “Tavolara Molara and Molarotto” which the Region of Sardinia has entrusted to the Consortium for management.

Kayak sas organizes customized excursions for you to fully enjoy the wonders offered by Capo Coda Cavallo and Tavolara.

If you want you can print the RULES OF CONDUCT IN THE MARINE PROTECTED AREA by clicking on the image below.

Education and common sense complete the legislation and you must NEVER forget that respecting the environment means respecting yourself.

Looking for San Teodoro Marine Protected Area we found this video on Youtube which we hope will give you some ideas for a nice dive in this fantastic park

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